Fireplaces are a great focal point for any space and add warmth to your home. In addition to offering an assortment of fireplaces. We have a variety of styles, finishes and endless options for surrounds and mantles. Whether you’re looking to add a new fireplace or remodel an existing one, our team can help you select everything needed to create a completely customized fireplace for you.

Encore Building Products carries a wide selection for the following fireplaces:

Wood Burning

Wood-burning fireplaces are a natural, renewable resource, can help save on electricity bills, and produce the distinct wood-burning aroma.

Direct Vent Systems

Direct Vent fireplaces have a completely sealed combustion chamber which allows them to vent directly outwards, through a sidewall or ceiling.

Vent Free

Vent Free fireplaces are generally efficient and compact sources of heat and provide placement flexibility because they do not require a chimney or vent.


Eco-Flame is an environmentally friendly open fireplace, fueled by renewable modern energy, which allows it to burn cleanly and is virtually maintenance free.


Electric fireplaces are an affordable, easy to install and fulfilling option for those who desire a quality fireplace.

Stop by or contact us today to have a salesperson help you find your perfect fireplace.