Lumber & Siding

We stock all the lumber needs to complete your next project. We buy in full railcar and truck loads to ensure the best market price.

We stock a wide assortment of sizes such as 2×4 and 2×6 studs, I-joists and beams: 4×8 OSB waferboard, chipboard and sheathing; and wood species including spruce, pine, cedar and fir.

We encourage you to stop by our contract sales office at 1106 N Old Missouri Road in Springdale to speak with a specialist regarding your current or next project.


Encore Index

The Encore Index tracks the selling price of a frame package for a standardized 1,500-sf single-story house on a slab. The Encore Index includes sticks and sheets, LVL’s, hangers and housewrap. It is not a quoting tool but rather is intended to provide insight to the sometimes volatile commodities market and how it affects the price of lumber.