Professional services for quality products

Encore Building Products offers excellent services to accompany the high-quality products that are sold including the floor coverings, windows, doors and fireplaces. Encore’s trained, professional staff provides knowledge and skill for each customer service task they complete, both in the retail store and when the staff visits a construction or renovation site.

The many professional services offered at Encore Building Products include:

Estimates – Encore offers estimates for all projects, no matter what size. The staff can provide estimates for specific products throughout a building site, or for an entire construction or renovation project where multiple product lines will be utilized.

Blueprint take-offs – the Encore staff can examine blueprints and “take off” from those construction plans how many of a given item will need to be ordered. This helps construction companies provide accurate estimates for potential clients.

Contractor credit accounts – contractors often have to order large quantities of building materials including multiple doors, windows, lighting and other hardware for a given project. Encore offers credit accounts for contractors, giving them the ability to get the building products needed to get the project completed so the contractor can be paid for their work.

Major construction and remodel accounts – Encore has the pre-ordered stock and the ability to order more supplies to meet an order of any size, for any project style. Major, new construction projects can receive the best in products for their doors, windows, lighting and floor coverings. Small renovation project managers will find the most up-to-date quality products to give their home or other building the facelift it needs.

Job-site delivery service – No need to send a delivery truck. Encore will deliver the floor covering and building products directly to the building site.

Interior design consulting for products – For those who know that new doors, new windows or lighting are needed but aren’t quite sure what would look the best, Encore offers interior design consulting for any of the products carried in the store. The trained staff has both an excellent knowledge of the products and an eye for aesthetically-pleasing, functional interior design.

Outside field staff – Construction doesn’t happen inside so Encore sends staff to visit construction sites and to help with product installation in the field.

Professional installation – Encore’s trained technicians install every kind of floor covering sold in our store. This ensures the flooring is installed correctly and safely.